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Children's Ministry



Into today's world with video games, social networking and self-centeredness, it is easy to overlook this simple reality: Even kids want to know, "What on earth am I here for?" It doesn't surface as a deep theological discussion, and you rarely have a child come up to you and ask that question. But kids want to know that their life means something. They want to know that they matter. We connect kids to God (we win them to Christ and grow them spiritually) and we connect kids to others (every kid needs a friend and a mentor).  It begins by asking some basic questions:


  • Why do we do what we do (purpose)?
  • Who are trying to reach (people)?
  • How are we going to accomplish our objective (process)?
  • What steps are necessary to move these children along on their spiritual journey (pathway)?


When you've answered those questions, you can develop the intentional discipleship process that will work in your youth program. Be intentional with your discipleship process and give your kids the opportunity to discover their purpose.




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